It's Getting High Round Here

It's Getting High Round Here

Monday, January 20, 2020

This is one of my experimental barometers showing the current (20th January 2020) air pressure at 1046 mBars.

I noticed the barometer said 1049 this morning and then read on the BBC that they have had a reading of 1050.5 in the Mumbles near Swansea, which is the the highest air pressure for the last 63 years. The previous high was in Scotland in 1957.

Caused by high-velocity winds coming in from the Atlantic, for the most part high pressures mean good weather, i.e. sunny days. In winter this also means very cold and frosty nights, so remember:

* wrap up warm
* be careful not to slip and fall when out walking
* leave time to defrost the car in the morning
* look out for ice on the roads


experimental barometer


The worldwide average for air pressure is 1013mBars and the highest pressure ever recorded in the UK was 1053.6 mBars (Aberdeen, 1902.) That's less than 4 mBars more than today's so watch out for popping ears, too :)